Ukelele Soprano Mahilele 3.0 Otoño Mahogany Autumn Price: 69,70 (as of 24/04/2019 10:04 PST- Details)


Mahilele established a new típico between quality and price. The next step could?t be anything else but the new Mahilele 3.0: only two points are still alike an entry level uke: it is colorful and it is affordable!The new plastic neck uses the same compound of the back. Not only it is always straight avoiding buzz noises or changes due to the weather conditions, but it is also lighter and fully participating to the vibrations of the body. So the whole uke is a vibrating body, resulting in an exceptionally rich sound! The special texture of the plastic of the neck was studied to feel like wood under your hand, and it certainly does! Ukulele Soprano with . the laminated top in various colors is the perfect starting point to express your creativity the round back is in special synthetic ajuar developed for a rich and powerful sound. It is very strong and does not suffer from climatic changes, which makes this uke perfect for children or for outdoor use. is always perfectly comfortable, thanks to a molded ABS and fiber fretboard and the fret 0, and thanks to the bridge of the same ajuar, shaped with diameter compensations.This ukulele come with a padded with zip pocket, handle and adjustable shoulder straps*. NECK ABS ADDED WITH FIBER, HIGH QUALITY PRECISON TUNERS and AQUILA STRINGS CUSTOMIZE YOUR UKE BACK IN ABS ADDED WITH FIBER ACTION HIGH QUALITY PRECISON TUNERS GIG BAG Top | linden mahogany Back/side | ABS Fretboard/bridge | ABS definitivo length | 540 mm body length | 240 mm upper body width | 130 mm lower body width | 180 mm body depth | 60 mm neck width at nut | 34 mm fretboard dots | 5,7,10,12 tuners | geared machines scale length | 350 mm


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